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Bullwinkle Puppet

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Kenner Super Show Projector in box w/puppets Rocky Bullwinkle Flintstones 1960s

NATASHA Rocky & Bullwinkle Villain 13" Plush Stuffed Animal Doll Hand Puppet

Rocky and Bullwinkle Jay Ward vintage rubber finger puppets rare and scarce

Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends BORIS 13" Plush Stuffed Hand Puppet Winning Edge

Vintage Hand Puppets Heads Only Set of 3 Bullwinkle Owl & Raccoon Approx. 2"

MOOSE MITTENS knit ADULT thidwick PUPPET bullwinkle FLC LINED animal costume

RATDOG- Original 2004 Concert Poster by Amacker Bullwinkle, Fillmore F316 puppet